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Revisiting my gadget history

Posted by k on January 5, 2017 at 2:55 AM

I made this poster some three years ago to feature some of the mobile phones and gadgets I have acquired since I was capable of purchasing my own goodies. Forward to today, I cannot anymore tell how many and which gadgets I have had in all. They say technology changes in a fast pace. This is so true. I used to wonder how the mobile phone companies of the past two years earn despite the tight competition. But the number of companies even grow. People are really into new gadgets.

I had my gadgets replaced before to purchase new and better ones. But after some while I lost the meaning in getting something slightly better than what I have. Maybe it goes with age. As we age we seek importance and do away with the superficial. Today, the gadgets I have are as follows: (1) a dual core Acer laptop that I use for digital and print designs; (2) a Gionee Elife 5-inch octacore smart phone that I use mainly for taking pictures; I share this one with my wife too; (3) and a MyPhone bar cellphone I got for 499 pesos. That is my mobile phone.

I won a smart phone last Christmas in our raffle. It is a Cloudfone with very basic specifications but still a smart phone. I chose to give it to my mom instead of using it over my bar cellphone. The reason being I do not have a need for the features other than sms and call capability and long battery life. I am happy with my MyPhone.

How many gadgets do you have? I still see myself getting new ones in the future but for now I use my gadgets for what I need them for.

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